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Playfully made

The very best 3D printable
model trains for you


Print it in: 

Gauge 1, O Gauge, HO/OO scale

Model trains have never been so interactive

Our model trains are all based upon the real deal. You can build some of the worlds most great and famous locomotives. And, it doesn't end with just a model! your models can be fitted with a selection of electronics to make them light up, move, make sound and steam!


Our Models

Our Models

We make our models available for all our fellow passionate model-making lovers!

Because there is no greater feeling than building something yourself.

With our models, you don't have to worry about complex 3D designing,

just enjoy the fun of printing, building and playing!

See what we've been up to

We attended Model World Live, check out our locomotives on G1MRA's  'Dobson Bridge' showcase layout.


print it


Gauge 1 
O Gauge


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It takes the world's best community to change the modelling game.


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