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Terms and conditions for our webshop

Pocket Railway Museum (Protofunk)  builds Free apps and sells 3D printable files. This SERVICE is provided by Protofunk at no hidden cost and is intended for use as is.

So whenever you decide to buy the printable files for one of our models, be aware that you will receive only DIGITAL FILES. Ready to print.


Redistributing our files is not appreciated. We need costumers to keep the shop alive and keep growing our business to keep providing our services. Do not share our files with your friends or other third parties. Please let them buy it themselves.

Shipping and delivery

This is quiet simple. We sell digital files only, so naturally we simply don't ship. 

You will receive your digital files directly after payment via a link send to your email. They can be downloaded for 30 days.


If there is anything wrong with your files or you are not satisfied, please contact us so we can think of a humane, nice solution that satisfies both parties.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our shops Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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