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This is Pocket Railway Museum

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making models that change the way that people have fun.

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Here at Pocket Railway Museum we don't stop at the recreation of these awesome trains in model form.

We really want to give you a sense of interaction, agency and playfullness. We achieve this by giving you the oppurtunity to 3D print and assemble your own models with our carefully designed, ready to print files.

It doesn't end there. We have gone a step further in making our designs come to life. With some specific electronic parts, our models can be made fully functional, with lights and sound, movement and steam! 


With our app for computers and phones, you find yourself on the footplate of your model , ready to take control of everything. Our digital controls behave just like they do in real life. The app simulates the characteristics of the locomotives real life counterparts, so be a good driver! 

But most of all, just enjoy!


What We Are About


Using a 'print it yourself' mentality we reduce our footprint on the earth, while we maximise our impact in terms of playfullness and bewonderment in the interaction with our model trains.


Exploring new methods and ways to innovate is our key focus. We connect the best parts of disciplines like interaction design, product development and game mechanics to create a nice experience.


The community is you, me and everybody that wants to join the fun. Let's bring the past to life in a modern, creative and fun way. 

Meet the maker

2020-09-02 MidNed Avondshots -6.jpg

Where to find us

Our Studio in Utrecht

We are based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

We do our research here and make the prototypes for our models too. 

Our mission is to bring history to life in technological, playfull ways. The same goes for our models here. We want to give people the opportunity to recreate and explore the past in a fun way.

We’d Love to Work With You

Want to team up? Send us an email!

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