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Model World Live April 2024

On invitation of the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association, we have visited Model World Live at the NEC in Birmingham on the 28th of April 2024.

G1MRA had brought their showcase layout 'Dobson Bridge'.

Dobson Bridge proves to be a beautifull layout to test our prototypes on.

The challenges our designs needed to navigate were for example going through the curves in the track without being too rigid and derailing, driving over points without derailing, and, because this is a modular layout, there are small holes between the tracks in the places where the segments meet.


Traveling with printed locomotives

Our journey started in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

We traveled by boat to Harwich and continued the journey by train to London and eventually birmingham. to keep our models safe during the travels, we've constructed lasercut wooden travelcases.

The cases were cut on a lasercutter with the locomotives blueprints engraved on the sides.


The locomotives

We brought 4 locomotives to the exhibition. Here is a selection of pictures of our locomotives at the fair.

Flying Scotsman

This particular Flying Scotsman is our prototype, this is the same one you can see being printed and assembled in our video on Youtube.

Olton Hall

Better known as 'The Hogwarts Express'. This is one of our locomotives that performed very well at the layout. It was also a crowd favorite!

NS 1700

Litra E

Image Galery


What's next

After this amazing experience in Birmingham, we will be updating our current models to make them run even better on Gauge 1 layouts. All our future models will be designed with these updates implemented.

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